Most bullying information is just statistics, complicated verbal retorts or just repackaged karate. The iStop program has all the resources in one spot. Plus, the information is organized into a specialized, four part strategy - just follow the steps.


The program begins by getting your child and you into action to provide immediate relief. First, your child needs room and time to develop skills and gain the confidence. You will learn to work effectively with your school's administration, develop alliances, break the bullying triangle, and start the first three martial arts lessons!

The second part of the strategy is focused on developing physical confidence and controlling the fear that comes with bullying. You will see martial arts lessons 4-6 here. Once your child's physical confidence is on the rise, it is time to leverage that confidence to handle verbal, written and cyber bullying in part three. Plus, we'll show you how to win fights without having to strike back against larger children. This is important because many school districts punish children who strike back in self-defense, plus it deters future bullies, and it's fun to practice!

Part four then provides on-going support. On-going support adds new cutting edge courses to keep your child on top of things. Plus, a special rewards program that keeps children focused and motivated! This experience can even result in your child's first martial arts belt from that portion of our program.

Your child needs a program that addresses physical, verbal and cyberbullying in one integrated program. By addressing these aspects together it creates a synergy that can't be achieved otherwise. Plus, we use games and awards to make it fun!

We understand the gut wrenching emotions and fear that is involved in all types of bullying from our own experiences and those of our students. We teach your child to understand and use the energy of fear in constructive ways.

The future! Every bully situation can either be a scarring experience or a chance to teach your child how to conquer life's obstacles. Not only does our program provide hope now but the tools to excel in the future.

Jessica D.
Parent and teacher, child age 12

I am thrilled with the changes we have seen in only two months in the program. Chase has been easily drawn into physical confrontations in the past. His self-esteem is up, and he is starting to walk away from trouble.

Teresa K.
Parent, child age 12

My son was already an outgoing child, but I have still seen an increase in his ability to handle problems. Jesse is being prepared not just to deal with bullies, but also the challenges of life. Thank you for such a great program. He plans to continue with the black belt course.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Mark Fusco

Mr. Mark Fusco

Bullying is not an abstract concept to Mark Fusco. Through first hand experience, he learned to survive and reach his dream of becoming a Navy pilot. Throughout his life, he taught others how to shut bullies down. Mark began to collect the most powerful and proven approaches. In 1997, he was asked to start a program by the Police Athletic League for a group of at-risk kids. This convinced Mark to go into education. He then began to bring the knowledge and experience of a professional educator to focus on the problem of bullying. The result is a refined, comprehensive anti-bully program.

  • Professional Educator
  • Former Naval Aviator and graduate of the US Naval Academy
  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Jiu-jitsu (the martial art of the Samurai)

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A Platform For Success

Developed using the right team. iSTOPbullies was designed from the inputs of teachers, principals, martial artists, and the personal expertise of the founder, Mark Fusco.

The iSTOPbullies program is not just academic ideas. We actively pull from the successes of our students. Check out the testimonials listed throughout the site.

Our students are not alone. We are in your corner and will bring you the latest anti-bully strategies and other great programs like-physical fitness, martial arts weapons fun and even an awareness/safety manual for parents.

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